The Growth Journey Show

Document don't create - TGJ 008

In this week's episode of the growth journey we will be exploring three different experiments.

Experiment 1: Thumbnail Redesign
We redesigned our YouTube video thumbnail and we took this inspiration from non other than Gary Vaynerchuk. We looked at Gary YouTube video thumbnail to get a sense of idea on how we could improve our YouTube video thumbnail.

Experiment 2: Native Social Media Posting
This experiment was all about trying to find out how engaging the audiences were when we posted our Youtube video natively on each social media channels compared to having to click on a link to watch YouTube video. We found out that posting YouTube video on social media gets more engagement.

Experiment 3: Document, Don't Create
This experiment was inspired by a YouTube video made by Gary Vaynerchuk called doucment, don’t create. Where Gary Vaynerchuk says you should just document and not think or plan too much on what doucment to create.

Watch the original video of Document, don't create by Gary VaynerChuk:



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