Why 1% weekly improvements are better than big improvements

November 20, 2019 01:00 PM Europe/London

We believe the most important thing to grow in your business is productivity.

The problem with productivity is not that there aren't enough solutions.

The problem is that not enough people realise that they have a productivity issue.

Productivity is the biggest problem you probably don't know that you have.

If you:
Work too many hours and don't get paid enough
Struggle to increase profit
Find it difficult to find new customers

Then you have a productivity problem.

By improving your productivity you can:
Naturally attract the right fit customers to your business
Focus on the marketing activities that actually deliver results
Free up more of your time

This event was designed to help you:
Attract more customers by adding more value
Add more value to your customers by improving marketing productivity
Improve your marketing productivity by adding value to your customers each week

Does this sound like a productive use of two hours of your time?

Let us help you become more productive by making small changes to your business that compound together to have a huge impact!

Proceeds from tickets go to https://dorsetmind.uk

Stephen Bavister

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