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Words you can't say on a company vlog - TGJ 001

Welcome to the very is the first episode in our The Growth Journey series - a weekly vlog documenting our growth journey as a business. We are creating a weekly business vlog to understand if business vlogging works.

As there aren’t many examples of business vlogs, we thought the only way to find out if it works is to test it.

So over the next 12 months we’ll be recording a weekly vlog. Along the journey we’ll share what we’ve learnt.

In this week’s vlog kicking off the new year, we start work on getting our video studio set-up.

There are a few customer names that we thought it best not to mention in the video. They were beeped out, which is a great way to mask things on your company vlog.

If you are vlogging the chances are that you want to speak freely and document. This means there might be information that is commercially sensitive. Rather than re-recording the vlog, you can just cover it over as we did in this video.

As part of this vlog, we also set-up our studio with sound deadening foam panels. You can take a look on this video [link to sound panel detailed video] for more details on installing the panels and tests as to whether they actually work. Find out if they really reduce echo in the room that we use for video recording.
We also work on our business growth strategy and business growth engine. We be discussing this more in future vlogs.

We are very new to vlogging - so there will be plenty of lessons to learn along the way. For business growth lessons please subscribe here



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